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Kimonos, Scarves, Soaps, More

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Kimonos, Scarves, Soaps, More


Black Gold Kimono 100% Viscose

White Gold Kimono 100% Viscose

Purple Kimono 100% Viscose

Blue Kimono 100% Viscose

Flower Kimono 100% Viscose

Red Kimono 100% Viscose

Orange Kimono 100% Viscose

Blue Flower Kimono 100% Viscose

Purple Flower Kimono 100% Polyester

Orange Black Blue Kimono 50% Linen 50% Modal

Red Green Yellow Kimono 100% Viscose

Gray & White Kimono 100% Cotton

Kimonos, Scarves, Soaps, More


Elephant Baby Scarf Polyester

Tan Metalic Scarf 100% Polyester

Fancy Tan Metalic Scarf

Blue Flower Scarf 100% Viscose

Red Plaid Scarf 60% Acrylic? 40% Silk?

Black Plaid Scarf 70% Acrylic 20% Silk 10% Wool

Bright Red Gold Scarf 100% Viscose

Star Scarf 100% Viscose

Red Arrow Scarf 100% Viscose

Red Green Flower Scarf 100% Modal

Purple Yellow Pink Scarf

Purple Flower Scarf 100% Polyester

Red Black Scarf 100% Modal

Pink Black Scarf 100% Modal

Purple Black Scarf 100% Modal

Black White Scarf 100% Viscose

Tan White Scarf 100% Viscose

Red White Scarf Linen Cotton

Shamrock Scarf 100% Silk

Purple Blue Scarf 100% Silk

Gold Scarf

Pink Yellow Flower Scarf 100% Polyester

Mini Scarf 100% Cotton

Orange Blue White Scarf 100% Viscose

Red Lace Scarf 50% Cotton 50% Nylon

Purple Blue Metalic Scarf 100% Polyester

Blue Green Flower Scarf

Kimonos, Scarves, Soaps, More

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Norman Scherer - Principal

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