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Tellitales Promotes Literacy By Highlighting Childrens Publisher's Best Catalog Titles.

Titles Were Selected From Award Winning and Top Sourced Noted Picture Books.

All Of Our Stories & Tales Are Organized In Themes By Virtues, Traits & Topics.

The Site/Books Helps Kids & Their Parents Relate To/Aid Local Businesses.

Order Physical Copies Of Books Your Kid Relates To, It Helps Everyone.

Businesses Use Telitales To Amuse Kids While Their Parents Shop.

Tellitales Uses Catalog To Promote Upcoming Picture Books.

Every Consumer Purchase Will Support Local Businesses.

Visit Or Move To The Mountains, Lakes & Valleys Of Northwest New Jersey.

We Have Converted Three Quaint Jersey Towns To Picture Book Theme Parks.

After The Smoke Clears, Drop The Virtual, And Walk Around Several Main Streets

Read Hundreds Of These Titles On Our Themed Pathways Around Our Three Towns.

Locals and Visting Tourists in NW New Jersey Can Order From These Bookstores

Sparta Books - 29 Center St, Sparta Township, NJ 07871 - (973) 729-6200

Black Dog Books - 103 Route 15 South Lafayette, New Jersey 07848 - (201) 230-3900

Kids NYC

(917) 822-1870

Norman Scherer - Principal

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